Virtual 2 Reality

Prodrift Academy Drift Simulator Training



Welcome to a new era in the evolution of the Prodrift Academy training program, V2R(virtual 2 reality).

V2R is a simulator drift training program to complement our current professional drift training platform and allow students to progress from simulator to professional drift cars.

Our new drift training simulators have been created to replicate the characteristics of a professional drift car will begin operation in May of 2017.

v2r sim_opt

The Prodrift Academy have created the V2R program to introduce a new younger audience to the sport of drifting with the use of high tech drift simulators and to give drift fans an alternative route into professional drifting.

Kids from as young as 8 years of age can learn how to drift in a safe and controlled environment with a significantly reduced entry level price point.

To enroll in our V2R program please email