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Welcome to the Prodrift Academy training program, your first step on the ladder into the professional world of drifting.

As with any technique sport, training & practice is key. So we have created our training program based on maximum track time under the guidance and instruction of professional drifters.


Evolution of drifting

Over the last 10 years, professional drifting has evolved into sideways drag racing. Long gone are the days of drifting on street tyres, replaced with 500hp plus drift cars on semi-slick tyres.

In order to accommodate this, we have designed our training program to allow our students to experience a high grip drift setup in our professional cars.

How does it work?

Our training program has been divided into 4 categories over 10 levels (rookie, amateur, semi-pro & pro) with each level designed to give step-by-step training of the key drift techniques utilized by professional drifters.

Each level can be divided into 5 drift techniques and it takes approximately one hour to complete each level. Students can group 3 levels together to complete a full category such as rookie or amateur.

Level up

Just like a video game, the challenge for the Prodrift Academy students is to keep leveling up until finishing the full 10 level program. Throughout the levels, our students will be rewarded with level completion gifts such as t-shirts, gloves, certificates, race shirts etc. At the final level, the student will be challenged to take on the downhill drift track at the International Dubai Autodrome circuit.

Training program

The Prodrift Academy prides itself on delivering a world class training program based on professional drift criteria. As each Prodrift Academy student is an individual, we customizeour training program to suit the student’s specific requirements based on their experience and goals. As with any technique sport, the key to learning how to drift is technique and practice.

If a student has some prior drift experience, upon arrival to the training facility they will complete a drift assessment. Their existing drift skills will be added to their file and a customized training plan will then be created.


Image: Working on a training program

Program Design: Kieran Hynes

The Prodrift Academy training program has been designed and developed by the one of the most internationally recognized drift judges in the world, Kieran Hynes. Kieran is the head judge of the IDC, BDC, ODC and Drift Masters. He has created this training program to prepare Prodrift Academy students to be instantly competitive when entering a professional drift event.

Training program: 5 key principles

The key principles of the Prodrift Academy training program are all based on professional drift event judging criteria.

The 5 key principles of the Prodrift Academy training program are:


  1. Line

The most important judged criteria of any professional drift event is Drift Line. It defines the position of the drift car in the corner as specified by the judges. A driver will be deducted heavily if they drift away from the Drift line.

  1. Speed

A drift competitor who has good forward traction throughout a drift course will be very difficult to chase and rewarded by the judges. Speed and forward traction are a major factor when competing in a professional drift event.

  1. Angle

Drift competitors are scored on the amount of angle their car throughout a marked course.

The maximum amount of angle in a corner is not important, it is how the angle is maintained throughout the run that is key.

  1. Style

Style is a subjective judging criteria. It differs from country to country. It is generally based on aggression, fluidity and entertainment value.

  1. Time

Although not a criteria used in professional drifting competitions, the Prodrift Academy time our students on specific tracks to demonstrate forward traction and to measure their progress throughout the training program.

Training Venue: Desert Training Facility Emirates Motorplex

The Prodrift Academy Desert Training Facility was built to give our students maximum track time in order to perfect their drift technique. The facility is equipped with a large training pad, briefing room, hospitality area, coffee shop and workshop. The venue is open 7 days a week and has no noise regulations or time constraints. The definition of Eat, Sleep, Drift.

prodrift desert training facility


Image: Prodrift Academy desert training facility Emirates Motorplex

Video: An un-edited video from an open drift night at our desert training facility 

Video: Desert training facility from above

Drift training fleet

The Prodrift Academy has 2 categories of drift vehicle in its fleet, training and pro cars. Black & Green.

Our training cars are designed to slide. Prodrift Academy students must be able to slide the cars with ease n order to concentrate on developing their drift technique.

Our pro cars, however, are designed to grip. Now we increase the horsepower of the vehicles and start to use a high grip drift setup just like at a professional drift event. A true test of our student’s development and skill.


Image: Prodrift training fleet


At the Prodrift Academy, we train our students over multiple levels at a time. The maximum a student can train is 3 levels in one day(4 hours). Example: Level 1, 2 and 3.

A 4 hour training program costs 6,000 aed per person

1 day, 2 day and 3 day training packages are available.

Alternatively, students can learn per level with details and prices of the levels below.

For customized training packages please contact our team for assistance uae@prodriftacademy.com

How to join

To enroll in the Prodrift academy training program, please fill in the information form and one of our team will contact you for further details. CLICK HERE


Image: Prodrift students enjoying a break from the action

DRIFT TRAINING – Rookie (Training cars)

Our first category, Rookie, is all about the fundamental drift techniques and learning the basics of how to drift.

Each level takes approximately 1 hour of driving time to complete


Image: Level 1 drift training

LEVEL 1: Drift – Drift a corner 

Level 1 has been designed to teach our students the basic drift techniques such as steering and throttle control, in order to master their very first drift.

Level 1 Techniques

  • Handbrake initiation
  • Throttle control
  • Steering control
  • Countersteer
  • Full corner drift

Price: 1,500Dhs


LEVEL 2: Drift angle & Line

In level 2, our students will now develop on techniques that they learned in level 1 and focus on precision and consistency with the use of a drift line. Here we see the introduction of precision driving through inner and outer clipping points while learning how to increase and decrease our drift angle.

Level 2 Techniques

  • Drift line
  • Inside clipping point
  • Outside clipping point
  • Inside + outside clipping points
  • Angle control

Price: 1,500Dhs


LEVEL 3: Transition 

In level 3, our students will now focus on one of the most difficult and important techniques in drifting, transitions. Students will now use the correct drift line to learn how to change direction and to transition mid drift. On completion of the level 3 course, our students will receive their rookie certificate and will have completed the rookie training program.

Level 3 Techniques

  • Drift Line
  • Weight transfer
  • Inertia
  • Transitions
  • Level 3 track

Price: 1,500Dhs


_____ Rookie training program graduation ceremony _____

DRIFT TRAINING – Amateur (Training cars)

Our amateur training program focuses on driver aggression and precision. Our students will now learn how to be more aggressive with their throttle control while maintaining the correct drift line.


Image: Nissan 370Z training car

LEVEL 4: Acceleration & Extension 

By level 4, our students will now have progressed to achieve a level of consistency in their drifting. Here, we start to increase the radius of the corners to allow for more aggressive throttle control with the introduction of full-throttle zones.

Level 4 Techniques

  • Drift line
  • Handbrake initiation & adjustment
  • Extension
  • Run the wall
  • Full throttle zone

Price: 1,500Dhs


LEVEL 5: Precision & deceleration

At level 5, our students will be challenged to complete the level 5 track layout by showing a complete level of drift control. Line and precision are key while learning how to quickly decelerate over the finish line.

Level 5 Techniques

  • Drift line
  • Handbrake initiation & adjustment
  • Precision
  • Deceleration zone
  • Level 5 track

Price: 1,500Dhs


LEVEL 6: Timing

The final level of our amateur training program. In level 6 we now change the track layout and start to focus on forward traction. Once our students have mastered the new track layout we then proceed to time each individual run. The stopwatch, will now guide our students throttle control as they search for the extra milliseconds in order to complete the amateur training program.

Level 6 Techniques

  • Drift line
  • Throttle control
  • Line correction
  • Grip level
  • Timed runs

Price: 1,500Dhs


_____ Amateur training program graduation ceremony _____



Image: Training cars at our desert training facility

DRIFT TRAINING – Semi Pro (pro cars)

Our semi-professional training program has been designed to give our students access to high grip professional drifting. Here, our students will progress from our training cars into our professional drift cars.


Image: Prodrift student drifting one of our pro spec Nissan 370z’s


LEVEL 7: Technique Re-cap (pro cars) 

In level 7, our students will now begin to drive our professional drift cars and learn how to adapt their drift technique to a car with mrear-end end grip. An aggressive driving style is now required to maintain a full drift throughout the course.

Level 7 Techniques

  • Drift line
  • Handbrake initiation & adjustment
  • Level 4 track
  • Level 5 track
  • Level 6 track

Price: 2,000Dhs


LEVEL 8: Transition to wall run

In level 8, the track will change once again as we begin to introduce high speed transitions onto wall runs. As in any professional drift event, a driver must know how to drift their car along a wall without incident. This technique is essential for competition drifting.

Level 8 Techniques

  • Level 8 track
  • Drift line
  • Speed transitions
  • Brake modulation
  • Wall runs

Price: 2,000Dhs


LEVEL 9: Drift Event 

For level 9, the prodrift academy will simulate a professional drift event to acclimatize our students to the event format of professional drifting. We will guide our students, step by step as to a professional drift event format and how to prepare their car and team for competition. On completion of level 9, prodrift academy students will have graduated from our semi-professional training program.

Level 9 Techniques

  • Spotter responsibilities
  • Car setup and mechanics
  • Driver briefing
  • Track walk & practice
  • Qualifying
  • Prize giving

Price: 2,000Dhs


_____ Semi Pro training program graduation ceremony _____


The final level of our prodrift academy training program. Now our students will depart our training facility and accept the challenge of a professional drift track.

ProCar DA photo

Image: Dubai Autodrome level 10 preparation

LEVEL 10: Professional Championship track layout

In level 10, our students will learn the core elements of professional drifting. From driver and team management to sponsorship and presentation, before a final competition based assessment on a professional drift track.

An incredible drift journey, from start to finish, under the guidance of one of the most professional drift teams in the world.

We hope to see you soon.

Level 10 Techniques

  • Team preparation
  • Driver briefing
  • Practice
  • Qualifying
  • Competition

Price: 5,000Dhs


_____ Professional training program graduation ceremony _____



For students who wish to learn at their own pace, we recommend intensive training. With intensive, we personalize your training program to your driving ability and skill level. Intensive training works extremely well for beginners and for students with an existing knowledge of sliding a car.



Group training

Our group training course caters for a maximum of 4 students who have booked a group session together. The group will be assigned a car and an instructor for the course duration with each member rotating throughout the session.

Group training is ideal for a group of friends who wish to drift at the Prodrift Academy before sampling some of Dubai’s bustling night life.

Students can train on different levels dependent on their skill level.

Course Content: Customized on request (1 level of training)

Duration: 4 hours (1 hour person)

Price: 6,000Dhs (1,500 per person)




Our one to one training program is designed for students who wish to train independently and not in a group. One to one students work individually with an instructor to maximize their training progress.

You will get the full attention of your instructor and work as a team to master as many drift techniques as possible.

A one to one student will train over a 4 hour period and work towards completing 3 levels of the Rookie or Amateur training program. Example level 1, 2 & 3.


Course Content: 3 levels of training (example 1, 2 & 3 or 4, 5 & 6)

Duration: 4 hours 

Price: 6,000Dhs 




The Prodrift Academy Fastrack is a 2 day course that covers the Rookie and Amateur training program. All the fundamental techniques of drifting will be covered. From drifting a corner, drift cline, transitions, handbrake initiations and more.

This course is designed for students who want to learnt he maximum amount of techniques in a short space of time.

Course Content: Rookie & Amateur training program (level 1 to 6)

Duration: 2 Days training (Day One 4 hours) (Day two 4 hours)

Price: 12,000Dhs




The Prodrift Academy Drift King is our most popular intensive training course and covers the Rookie, Amateur and semi pro training over 3 days.

This course is perfect for students who wish to learn the fundamental basics along with professional drift car setup and dynamics.

Course Content: Rookie, Amateur & Semi Pro training program (level 1 to 9)

Duration: 3 Days training (Day One 4 hours) (Day two 4 hours) (Day three 4 hours)

Price: 20,000Dhs

Full details can be found here http://prodriftacademy.me/drift-king-training-program/

Prodrift Academy student Ian Russell

“I would like to say a big thank you to Graham, Umar & Ruel for a truly fantastic & unforgettable experience whilst completing the 3-day Drift King training programme at the Prodrift Academy desert training facility in Dubai. It was an action packed 3 days of intensive drift training. Progressing though the 9 individual levels wasn’t easy but with the fantastic knowledge, training & support from all the guys at Prodrift i managed to progress through all 9 levels learning new skills & techniques at each of the levels.
The Drift King training programme has provided me with the professional skill set that I need to move forward in the world of drifting. The guys at Prodrift really know how to look after their students on & off track, the guys looked after me from the moment i arrived in Dubai until the moment i departed.
If anyone is thinking of taking up drifting or is looking to improve their drifting skills i highly recommend getting in touch with the guys at Prodfift Academy UAE you won’t regret it.
I am now looking forward to returning for my next Prodrift experience & completing level 10: Professional Championship track layout in the very near future.
Thanks again guys fantastic job enjoyed every minute of it”





The ultimate training program for a student who wants to be a professional drifter.

Course Content: Rookie, Amateur Semi Pro & Pro training program (level 1 to 10)

Duration: 4 Days training (Day One 4 hours) (Day two 4 hours) (Day three 4 hours) (Day four competition)

Price: 30,000Dhs

For more information on the Prodrift Academy Training Program, please call our office or email us at uae@prodriftacademy.com.